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Commission rules that Uber can no longer hide its accident data in California

According to a San Francisco Public Press, since 2013 the California Public Utilities Commission has required Uber to file annual reports containing detailed safety and traffic data statewide. Adopted after intense industry lobbying, the Commission’s rules contain an obscure confidentiality clause that has prohibited release of the reports, even safety information that has nothing to do with trade secrets or personal privacy, to anyone.

After lobbying by public safety activists, consumer groups, and journalists, the Commission mustered the courage to stand up to Uber and by a unanimous vote ruled that Uber may no longer hide the number of accidents its drivers cause in California from the public going forward. While the Commission's ruling will help public safety going forward, it still closed the door on all prior data, permitting Uber to continue to hide the number of accidents its drivers caused prior to 2020 from the public in California.

Read the full story by investigative journalist Seth Rosenfeld here:

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